Happy Clients

“Karen, it was fantastic! I have heard nothing but awesome comments. You really connected with our audience. I was told this was the best luncheon yet.”
Cyndi Crook – DRH Health Foundation

“Karen, you were HILARIOUS! You were so relatable and very easy to work with. I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking to lighten the mood and laugh until their stomach hurts!
Kristin Arditti – Physician Liaison, Frye Regional Medical Center

“Karen, you knocked it SLAP OUT of the park!  I’ve heard nothing but great feedback.  People are congratulating me like I was the one telling the jokes! Thanks so much for making us look good!”
Larry Estock – Communication Coordinator at BCBS of Alabama

“Karen, you were just great…everyone at our “Pink Pumps & Pearls” event loved you! Your style and jokes perfectly matched the audience.  I don’t think I could have hoped for more.”
Anna Paul – Navarro Regional Hospital, Healthy Women Event

“Karen, thank you for turning our stuffy corporate dinner into a fun filled riot. Within two minutes you had our crowd howling!”
Tom Giddens – AFLAC

“Karen, you hit the mark big time at our annual awards meeting. Your humor transcends age and male / female barriers. You were the perfect fit for a wide range of people. If you ever need a reference, I will highly recommend you.”
Dave Kollman – President, Flintco Companies

“Karen, everyone is still talking about how good you were. It’s so unusual to find someone like you who is so outstanding and not raunchy. You did a great job. It was super, super good!”
Ray Rector – Rector, Hayden Realtors

Inspired Attendees

You are one of my Super Heroes Karen Mills!!! Thank you for sharing your story.

Karen, you are an inspiration and a blessing from God!!!

Thank you for the most uplifting, inspiring commencement address. Your message was funny, yet motivating and encouraging.
Dianne – GCU Graduate

I was blessed enough to spend an 80th Birthday 🙂 yesterday with my Grandmother who is very ill from Pancreatic cancer that has metastasized and is now terminal for her. Somewhat bittersweet to be able to say goodbye to somebody but in order to do so, you must agree to watch them suffer. I am certain it will be the last one we spend together on earth. I sat with her thinking and talking about all of the humor and love we’ve shared over the years, I thanked her for everything she’s done and wanted to thank you too for reminding me about how important and healing that laughter can be.

Karen, thank you so much for speaking at Grand Canyon’s commencement.  Swoosh, nothing but net.  You hit the nail on the head, both with the students and the rest of the audience.
Hopefully someone from the White House will hear you because you need to be recognized nationally.  Our country needs to hear more positive stories/news like yours. You are the BEST Commencement Speaker I have ever heard at any graduation I have attended. You were hilarious so I had to look you up. U have a new fan to add to the many others. You made my day! Thank u sooooo much :).

Hi Karen, I was at GCU commencement yesterday and loved your address. You gave some great advice and instructions to the graduates and mixed enough humor to have everyone listening to every word, but without taking away from the gravity of the occasion. Thanks for your great presentation!

My wife and I attended the ovarian cancer survivors brunch in Milwaukee on Sunday. She is a 3 1/2 year survivor having had 2 major surgeries the last in mid February. She will be on chemo the rest of her life. We thoroughly enjoyed your talk. The standing ovation was well deserved. You gave hundreds of survivors the opportunity to laugh openly about a subject that is anything but funny to them. Very well done. You made our day. Thanks for the light hearted touch.

Your struggle with cancer and then beating it is “off the charts” inspiring.  Thank you for sharing. My wife and I wish you continued success and good health!
Tom and Janie

You were truly amazing!!! I really appreciate you bringing comedy, yet a very well written and valuable message to the commencement. Hearing your story really made me appreciate life a little more. We all have one and as you stated, “Must find our purpose”. I truly believe that. You were meant to be there giving us that motivational speech. Right after the graduation, I had to tell everyone about Karen Mills. Truly Phenomenal!!! Much success!!!

Comedy Fans

“Karen, I saw your act last night at the Tennessee Theater. I rarely enjoy a stand up comic but you are hilarious! There aren’t many in your caliber.”

Karen, I heard you for the first time last night in Hickory,NC.  You are GREAT!  Always keep that winning personality and wit. You are one of a kind!!!
Susan & Danny

I just want to THANK YOU for sharing your AWESOME SENSE OF HUMOR on SIRUS Radio station!!! My job sucks and listening to LaughUSA is the BEST part of my day. I peed my pants when I heard your Neil impression!! Your voice is so personable and kind. Thank you Karen Mills!!!

My hubby and I heard your Menopause Rap on satellite radio. I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants. I came home and found it on YouTube and shared it on Facebook and tagged all my menopausal friends. We have all gotten such a kick out of it. You are a riot. I hope all is well with your cancer.

Please, please come to Austin, Texas. I listen to you on sirius radio & love you!
I would LOVE to see you live.
I found a few of your comedy routines on Sirius Blue Collar Radio and Laugh USA and I am so glad I did – I really enjoyed them, and I do think that “Funny follows you.” I think that finding humor in everyday life is funnier than just telling a bunch of jokes. I almost ran off the road when I heard about “Menopause Barbie” and “Potbelly Ken”.  I hope you come to New Jersey at some point.

Loved it – you are so amazing. Great, smart, tight, wonderfully funny show.

I find you so hilarious. Comedy is your true calling. My favorite is the bit about knowing when to be a Southern belle.. in an Airport. LOL! Thanks for the laughs.

We took a trip down to the beach in Florida and I decided to splurge and rent a big dang Chevy Impala so I could ride down Interstate in 75 in style for the week long trip.
I asked the man at the rental car counter if the car had that new fangled satellite radio and he said it did but it would be $20 “extry”. I said go ahead and run it….we IS on vacation.
We listened to smooth jazz and other old timey music all the way down to Florida but on the way BACK…we decide a change was necessary and found the Blue Collar Comedy Channel and you was on it with the “knock you in the head” bit. We heard that and had to pull over. Mama peed herself and I had Coke Zero spewing out my nose we was laughing so hard. Girl you is funny and we are so glad we done found you. Cheers!
Louie and Margaret